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Relacryl CB

Relacryl CB
Relacryl CB
Product Code : 04
Product Description

RELACRYL-CB Acrylic copolymer emulsion is a unique binder which has been developed specially for mineral (pigment or clay) coating of paper, paper board, Kraft Paper etc.. It can be used as a sole binder or along with casein, starch, and other natural binders for off-machine and on-machine coating.

RELACRYL-CB improves the pick, smoothness and the wet rub resistance of coating made with casein or starch. It produces papers or boards of excellent printability, increases flexibility and varnish hold out. Coated papers or boards have stunning colors and can be calendared to get exceptionally high gloss.

Due to regulated particle size of emulsion pigments, the binding power is uniform. The coating compositions have low viscosities at high solid content and provide excellent flow properties required for modern high speed coating equipment.

Also, RELACRYL-CB has excellent compatibility with other chemicals. It can be used with China clay, Titanium dioxide, precipitated Calcium Carbonate, and even Satin white without showing undesirable rheological properties. It is compatible with casein and can be used with starch without using any protective colloid as a stabilizer.

Compositions based on mixtures with casein or starch show very little thixotropy even after storing for several hours. They exhibit outstanding mechanical stability, and can be used under conditions of high shear in mixing, and pumping, coating operations.


Compare to carboxylated SBR latex binder, RELACRYL-CB gives:

•Less consumption of binder 

•Higher gloss

•Faster drying